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18 Artists @ Voltahalle

Eine Ausstellung mit der Gallery frontofbicycle in der Voltahalle in Basel

Contest gewonnen

"Congratulations  !
your work has been selected for IN * FUSION ON LINE  topic nature.  For its high aesthetic quality and be in line with the theme.
From October your work will be published. In our social networks and web magazine
We hope that you participate in others calls.
Regards ! "

Diesen Text erhielt ich per Mail vom Infusion Art Magazine, dass mich im Oktober 2018 featured.


Alfa Gallery - Miami

Weitere Bilder sind auf ART.SY zu finden unter: https://www.artsy.net/artist/annette-mewes-thoms-1


The exhibition explores the visual language of geometric abstraction in the context of contemporary art. 

For centuries, the question of whether the basics of geometry came naturally to all humans or if they had to be taught; has been explored. According to Plato's writings, Socrates attempted to determine how well an uneducated slave in a Greek household understood geometry and eventually concluded that the slave's soul 'must have always possessed this knowledge'.

In the midst of startling havoc; humans by this very instinct seek to find order in this chaos, to reason with it; translating it to a language that is perhaps visual and universal is a common field of exploration for scientists and artists alike.

Consciousness also takes geometry as a starting point, accepting its heritage as a symbol of purity, intelligence, and perfection and bringing it towards a more contemporary interpretation as a language for exploring the atypical, the imperfect and the alternative. Works are brought together that seek to dissect segments of times, contexts and places and open them up to universal interpretation. The works, in the potency of the contradiction between their infinite possibilities as geometric compositions and the range of their references social, political, art historical or other are reduced to a neutral ground: to a human and conceivable form.

Geometric abstraction continues to evolve in studios of many contemporary artists today. Anchored in simplicity, repetition, flattened geometry and color harmony. 

Alfa will deliver a groundbreaking exhibition titled "Consciousness" in Sept 2018 and will include work by over 26 artists from around the world.


Through this exhibition – in which both local and international artists will be showcased side by side the intended impact and potential benefits are twofold: establish an association between local American artists and leading international artists and provide an opportunity for the public to experience international culture through a local exhibition.

About Alfa:

Alfa is an artist-run contemporary art space. Since its establishment more than a decade ago, Alfa has identified and cultivated the careers of an international roster of visionary and emerging artists. Our mission is to support artists by providing a platform to showcase their work and dedicate to creativity and experimentation, as well as collaborate with venues on the national and international levels, presenting museum-quality solo and group exhibitions.





Showcasewinner 9th ARTSLAND Prize 2017 / Category Drawing


Featuring von LensCulture

Katalog Woman's Essence Paris 2017

Leider wurde mein Name falsch geschrieben, aber das passiert häufig.

Der Text hingegen, den Laura Francesca Di Trapiani verfasst hat, ist sehr treffend.

LUXUO und Artrepublik

International  ARTmagazin

La Polo


Art is magnificent, in the sense, that it

takes us to places we have never been,

before, arouses emotions in us we had

never come to know of, before, and makes

us think over ideas and thoughts that had

yet remained foreign to us.

4 artists:


Elling Reitan,

Nicol Rodriguez

and Za Woo


were acknowledged at ART STAGE SINGAPORE 2017 and they recreated spectacular display of art.


Art Republik no. 12

Veröffentlichung in Discover!

International Initiatives Invitational (IN3) Art Worldwide ist die

Herausgeberin  von DISCOVER! und beschreibt ihr Projekt wie folgt:

"DISCOVER! is more than a guide, it is a marketing tool for artists.

A unique Digital Showcase specially designed to bring living artists, galleries and

active art collectors together. Published 4 times a year, includes not only images of 

IN3 Talented Members' best artwork, but also curated interviews by Diana Moya,

with a private insight in the life of the artist."

Ich freue mich sehr in die Dezember-Ausgabe 2016 aufgenommen worden zu sein.

Zusätzlich werde ich als entdecktes Talent auf der Website vorgestellt:


Tide tv


TV-Show  mit Matthias Barkley, Josy Linderoth und Annette Mewes-Thoms (ab 48:38)

Moderator Cosmo do Mont

exhibitions Review

Ashok Jain Gallery  new york


The September Showcase 2018




Kunstrunde Sydvestjylland

2018 nahm ich erneut mit meinem dänisch-deutschen Freundschaftsprojekt

Kunstnere mødes / Künstler treffen sich 

an der Kunstrunde Sydvestjylland teil. 106 Ateliers, Galerien und Museen öffneten für diese Kunstroute an den Ostertagen ihre Türen. Hier ein Blick in die Ausstellung, in der ich insgesamt 14 Künstler vorstelle.


Art stage Singapore 2018

präsentiert durch Ashok Jain Gallery aus NYC

Christina Zametzer (Deutsche Botschaft Singapur) stattete mir mit

Herrn António Teixeira (Repräsentant der Portugiesischen Botschaft Singapur)

einen Besuch ab.


Ashok Jain Gallery - NYC


art meets Glenfiddich

Braswell ArtsCenter - Basel - 2017

präsentiert von Gallery frontofbicycle - Basel

Gedanken  Momente  Bewegungen 2017

Dobrich Art Gallery (MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS DOBRICH) / Bulgarien 

präsentiert vom Kunstverein Burg / Dithmarschen

Kunsttage Dornum 2017 - Wasserschloss Dornum

präsentiert vom Kunst- und Kulturverein Dornum

The Artbox..projects Basel 1.0 - 2017

Airoport Basel / präsentiert von Artbox.Projects

Projektion der Arbeiten über einen riesigen Screen.

Spring Flow - 2017 -  New York

präsentiert von ASHOK JAIN GALLERY - New York

Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2017

präsentiert durch Galerie ASIAN ART PLATFORM - Singapore

Woman's Essence 2017 - Paris

präsentiert von Prof. Laura di Trapani

Art Stage Singapore 2017

präsentiert von ASHOK JAIN GALLERY- New York

37. Anniversary exhibition 2017

präsentiert von ASHOK JAIN GALLERY - New York


Solo Exhibition

Meine Werke sind bei 0.55 zu sehen.


A path that leads to oneself - 2016


International Contemporary Art Fair Donostiartean  2016

präsentiert von GALERIA GAUDI - Madrid

International Postcardshow 2016

präsentiert von SURFACE GALLERY - Group Show / Nottingham

SNAP TO GRID"   2016

präsentiert von LACDA - LOS ANGELES CENTER FOR DIGITAL ART - Group Show  /  Los Angeles

Access Dallas 2016

präsentiert von N3 - JEANETTE  KENNEDY GALLERY - Group Show / Dallas / Texas

Kunstprojekt ERDE  2015

präsentiert von art goes public - FABRIK DER KÜNSTE  -  Hamburg


Mixed art basel 2015

Solo Exhibition mit Galerie zum Harnisch, Basel

Art Nordic - Kopenhagen 2015


Art Fair Malmö 2014

Solo Exhibition


Unter 1250 Einsendungen weltweit wählte die Jury mein Objekt OHNE GAS in die TOP 50......

....und auf der Blooom (Köln) fand ich meine platzierte Arbeit einige Male auf dem großen Messebanner wieder.